The solution for quality live streams is here

The wait is over, our newest feature Prepr Live Stream is finally here and gives you the freedom to create unique digital experiences for your audience, directly from Prepr CMS. With our built-in live stream, there is no need for a separate streaming platform to stream from, making it easier than ever to go live! Discover what’s new, how it will benefit your brand, and why you need to try this.

Bring your platform to life

As of today, it’s possible to create and start a live-streaming event on your own website. Meaning, you don’t need any additional streaming platform anymore. Customers can engage with your brand on your own platform in just a few easy steps. Create a live stream asset, connect a broadcasting software, and go live instantly if you want! Every live event is automatically recorded and can be published afterward as an on-demand video. This way, content can be re-used and can drive more conversions even after the live event ends.

Grow your online engagement

Product seminars, product announcements, online workshops, corporate events, or even live podcasts are just some examples of how live-streaming can be used effectively by businesses looking to grow their online presence. With Prepr’s personalization engine you can even tailor pages to your visitors’ preferences and give them the personalized content they demand in 2023. Using personalized content results in a better connection with your audience while increasing online engagement.

Stay in control of the experience

One of the biggest advantages of the Live Stream is that it’s built within Prepr CMS, allowing you to manage your own design and content at will. Add related services or products to the live event or video and grow your audience, engage your visitors and convert them into customers. In collaboration with our partner Mux, every video and live stream is quick to upload, secure and scalable across different platforms. You can read more about our integration with Mux here.

So easy, you won’t need any support

But if you do, we’ll be here for you! Our main priority when developing this feature was to ensure a great user experience, an experience that supports you in achieving your goals. That's why Prepr Live Stream takes away all the complexity of setting up a digital event and allows you to effortlessly create and publish your own live streams. Check our docs to see how it works.

Time to put words into action

Knowing how Prepr Live Stream gives you the freedom to create unique digital experiences to attract, engage, and convert new customers, it’s time to see it in action. Find how it works by creating a free (forever) account today and/or schedule a call with one of our Support Engineers to give you a live demo.

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